You can spring!

Spring is just around the corner.     
We spring our clocks ahead one hour.
We start planning spring cleaning.
We long for warmer weather, specially you all in the East Coast and Midwest.

It always amazes me the cycles of season and time. A renewal opportunity.

Let us get in touch again with our goals and objectives as we live along into another season.

Failures can be blessings in disguise if we can just learn with them. Don't get discouraged and never give up. Set sight again in your goals and get going.

Spring must bring hope for new beginnings. As a seed planted in the ground and watered has potential to grow and birth over ground, so do our seeds of good will and decency planted in the souls and watered with love and faith bring forth better persons and better communities.

Let us start at home and in our churches and in our schools and in our neighborhoods building bridges among us.

Enough bad out there. Get out and make something good spring!

Let me know your questions about insurance plans, and about funding options for a church, a business, a non-profit.

Be well.

It's the Love Month!

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How much can we say about love?  How much can love say about us?

How many times our hearts are pinned on a rope? Hanged to dry!

Well, let us take time and think how much love we truly have to share.

What is love anyways? Love can be a person or can be a thing?

Who said we love with the heart only? What about the mind? or loving that food?

Well - who can really define love?

Where do we find love?

Where are you going to look around to find love, this month of love?

Start with yourself and look within. Is there love?

Silence your own self. Connect with your soul. Lots of wisdom there.

Love has intelligence. Love makes sense. Love has purpose.

Love has a beginning. Love has  no end. Love has action.

Love has life. Life has a source. Therefore, love has a source.

The greatest of all there is, is love. This love does not pin hearts to dry.

May we all love our ones with the true love. Not a thing.

May our love link to the fountain of endless love, a person - God.

Why we have a New Year?

Have you ever wonder why we have a calendar with 12 month?
And each time at end of month 12 we go back to month 1, and do it again and again?

God created time. The Bible expresses time based on a lunar calendar.
Lunar calendar - is a measure of time the moon rotates around the earth.
The moon goes around the earth once every 27.25 days. 
The earth rotates around the sun once per each 13 times the moon rotates the earth.
One year in  lunar calendar is 354.25 days.

God created order. Man created the calendar.
The calendar is a created system of operation of time dividing it with the purpose to establish synchronization within society.

Just to simplify - in 1582 Catholic European countries of Portugal, Italy, Spain and Poland adopted the Gregorian Calendar, named after Pope Gregory XIII.
It took about 200 years for the Protestant European country of England and its colonies to switch over to the Gregorian Calendar (switch from the Julian calendar).

Is our calendar perfect? NO. BUT, it is the most accurate one reconciling the solar events with the lunar ones.

THEREFORE - We have 12 months ahead of us. 365 days. Each day with 24 hours.
                                The sun is still and we still take the same time to go around it.
                                God created time and structured it in a logical manner.
                                The fundamental matters of life have not changed since creation.