It's the Love Month!

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How much can we say about love?  How much can love say about us?

How many times our hearts are pinned on a rope? Hanged to dry!

Well, let us take time and think how much love we truly have to share.

What is love anyways? Love can be a person or can be a thing?

Who said we love with the heart only? What about the mind? or loving that food?

Well - who can really define love?

Where do we find love?

Where are you going to look around to find love, this month of love?

Start with yourself and look within. Is there love?

Silence your own self. Connect with your soul. Lots of wisdom there.

Love has intelligence. Love makes sense. Love has purpose.

Love has a beginning. Love has  no end. Love has action.

Love has life. Life has a source. Therefore, love has a source.

The greatest of all there is, is love. This love does not pin hearts to dry.

May we all love our ones with the true love. Not a thing.

May our love link to the fountain of endless love, a person - God.